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Getting ready for the pool season

April 12, 2007 on 1:57 pm | In Maintenance, Commercial Pools | No Comments

As soon as you start to open your pool you’ll want to have some key items around. Making sure that they are in proper working order will make your pool opening and subsequent season much easier to deal with. Checking these items now will allow you to replace broken or worn supplies before stores have a rush on them.

Check the following maintenance supplies for problems:

  • Nets- Skimmer nets and leaf rakes should be free of tears to the mesh. The mesh should also be supple, not brittle.
  • Brushes- Check that the bristles are still stiff and replace brushes that have worn out of shape.
  • Hoses- Check your vacuum and backwash hoses for holes. Also make sure that the end fittings look good.
  • Vacuums- Make sure that the wheels spin freely.
  • Skimmer baskets- If you can get at the skimmer basket make sure that it is free of cracks or large holes.
  • Filter media- Check filters and make sure that the media is still good. If the filter media needs replaced make sure that you know how many pounds of sand or DE is needed, or if you’re using a cartridge filter make sure to note the number to facilitate ordering of a new one.
  • Solar or bubble covers- Visually inspect the cover for wear and tears. Make sure that the bubbles are still in good condition and aren’t brittle.
  • Floating Chlorinators- If you use a floating chlorinator make sure that it still opens and closes properly and is free of cracks.
  • Testing equipment- Check test strips or drop kits. Make sure you have a ready supply of either method to test the water as you start up your pool. If you’re using test strips check the expiration date and make sure that they are still good.

Commercial Pool Supervisors should also check:

  • Pool Rope- Make sure that the rope isn’t brittle and is still suitable for use.
  • Pool Signs- Check to make sure that your signs meet regulation and that they are in good condition.
  • Rope Floats- Check rope floats for cracks and make sure that they are in suitable condition for the season.
  •  Life rings and bouys- Make sure that you have the required number of life rings or bouys and that they are in good condition.
  • First aid kits- Make sure that your first aid kit is stocked with all the required items as listed in the pool regulations.

By checking these items now you’ll make your pool opening run smoother.

Happy Swimming.

NM State Regulations- Changes taking effect this year

April 5, 2007 on 2:07 pm | In Commercial Pools | No Comments

Commercial pool owners and supervisors, are you ready for the changes to the NM state pool and spa regulations that take effect this year?

Summer is quickly approaching, and that means that it’s time to make sure that your pool or spa is up to code. And that you are as well. Once again new regulations are taking effect that will have to be met prior to your inspection. Making sure that you are up to code now will alleviate hassles and frustration later when pool season starts to get busy.

While you should read the regulations carefully and make sure that you have no violations, there are two areas of the regulations that we feel the need to point out.

  1. Certified Pool Operator. As of this year, all public pools, spas and baths are to have a certified operator on staff or by contract who is available on a daily basis. (Section, Subsection A.) A current schedule of available CPO courses is available at the NSPF website. http://www.nspf.com/
  2. ORP/pH Controllers. As of this year all public spa-pools and wading pools are to have Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) automatic disinfection and pH controllers. (Section, Subsection G.) For purchase and installation of this equipment we are asking that commercial pool owners or supervisors contact us as soon as possible. We estimate that a typical installation will run about $3500.00, with variances depending on the complexity of the install. Please contact us to schedule a time for your installation or to discuss the needs of your location. (Please note that a deposit of 1/2 the total price is required prior to us ordering the ORP/pH controllers)

For the complete text of the NM State Swimming Pool regulations please visit : http://www.nmenv.state.nm.us/fod/Swim_Pools/index.html

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